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Indian Music for all by being the global beacon of musical innovation, breaking barriers, embracing diversity, and enriching lives through transformative Indian Music Education and Creativity.”


“At Music Temple, our mission is to revolutionize Indian music education, empowering individuals worldwide to explore and learn through innovative tools, nurturing a culture that harmonizes tradition and innovation.”

Music Temple – Indian Music For All

An Indian Edutech Company Incubated By IIT Madras Pravarthak

Gamaka Box Notation System

The World’s First-ever Comprehensive Notation System For Indian Music

Opening The Doors of The Indian Music

Through The Gamaka Box Notation System Invented By Ramesh Vinayakam

Welcome to Music Temple!

“Harmonizing Heritage with Innovation: Music Temple’s Visionary Expansion into the Future of Music Education”

Music Temple – Established in 2015 by Ramesh Vinayakam, it originated as The Music Temple Academy dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of Indian music, particularly ragas and Gamakas. The pivotal innovation, the Gamaka Box Notation System (GBNS), invented in 2010, revolutionized this endeavor by notating Gamakas, previously considered unwritable. This breakthrough facilitated the recording, preservation, analysis, and teaching of Indian music across diverse genres:

– Carnatic
– Hindustani
– Folk
– Film Music

Above all it facilitated access to Indian music for all, which has been overly dependent on the rote system. This educational research organization, now known as Music Temple Private Limited, has evolved to focus on developing platforms for Indian music education, including apps, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and collaborations with educational institutions. Incubated by IIT Madras in 2022, the initiative garnered patronage from Mr. R. Thiagarajan, Founder & Chairman of the Shriram Group, marking significant milestones in its journey.

At Music Temple, our expansion blueprint is centered around seamlessly intertwining age-old musical traditions with cutting-edge technological advancements. By harmonizing the time-honored essence of Indian classical music with state-of-the-art innovations, we are poised to amplify our reach and impact globally.

Our strategic growth revolves around leveraging modern technologies to simplify traditional music education, ensuring its accessibility to a diverse global audience. As we expand, we remain committed to pioneering new tools, like the Gamaka Box, and integrating technological breakthroughs that preserve the richness of tradition while fostering an environment ripe for creative exploration and evolution.

About the Founder – Ramesh Vinayakam:
Researcher | Music Director | Singer | Lyricist | Composer | Arranger
Ramesh Vinayakam is a prolific Indian Music Director known for his soul-stirring compositions that blend traditional elements with modern sensibilities, enchanting listeners worldwide. He is also the inventor of Gamaka Box Notation System, a groundbreaking invention in the music fraternity, enriching musical expression.

Music Temple offerings:

– Music Learning Through GBNS
– Gamaka Box Certification Program
– Gamaka Box Software
– Gamaka Box Innovation and Research
– Gamaka Box Education Series / Channel

– Gamaka Box curriculum for Vocal / Instrumental
– Music Labels
– Music Videos

Gamaka Box Presentation @ IITM by RV

Let your passion for music thrive at Music Temple!

“Connect with us, share your journey, and delve into the rich world of melodies. Your voice matters as we shape the future of musical education together. Join our community, and let’s create, explore, and celebrate the magic of music!”

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