MUSIC TEMPLE is your ultimate digital platform to distribute your valuable creations across the globe.

We are aiming to be the leading You tube & Multi-platform network in Digital Media and Music Company across the globe. Our wings extend to producing evergreen musical contents, working with new content creators from the media like Films, TV Channels, musicians, sports across genres. We are also aiming to be a leading label, distribution and publishing and marketing service provider.

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MUSIC TEMPLE as an online network provider encourage you to create, distribute and promote your album art.

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MUSIC TEMPLE as a Music Publisher, Music Distributor, Video Promoter & Digital Marketer aims:

  • To find new and talented songwriters and composers.
  • To inspirit and support them as they develop their skills, providing them with the facilities they need to produce music or offering advice and guidance in writing for particular market.
  • To provide an easy-to-follow reporting dashboard to track your success and fan base to make important decisions about your next moves as an artist.
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Music Temple is your right Digital Platform

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